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Welcome to my website on natural means to enhance the Ascension vibration in the energy bodies and energetic tools for wellness and relief of pain using 'New Earth" energy technology.

On this website you will find information on Scalar energy and it's many facets, such as zero point energy and quantum fields.

I have information on pranic wands and scalar pendants...both scalar technology tools.

True scalar tools such as the wands, pendants and templates not only aid in healing and balancing the physical system, they open and clear the merdians and pathways of the bio-system, allowing for greater conscious awareness of the spiritual Being.


* PURIUM - a Pure Food line that is GMO Free and much more!

* A UNIQUE STRUCTURED WATER that changes the molecular structure of all the water in your body (which is 72% water) into the sacred geometry it once was, creating a healthy environment for the whole organizm to thrive within.

You are welcome to browse through (tabs above) and please click on all the links for the fullest picture on these topics.


"I cannot understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones..." ~ Nicola Tesla

  My main website hub is New EarthStar Merkabah


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