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Élan Energetics Genesis Generation Light Energy Systems


The space age technology represented in the Élan Energetics Genesis Generation light energy system seen above was in part developed by NASA research over many years.

The science behind it is quite profound and the deeper you dig the more profound it gets with thousands of research papers having been published on the physiological mechanisms that are positively affected by photonic light therapy.

Fortunately, the net result of what this highly sophisticated technology does for supporting your body in achieving optimal wellbeing can be stated very simply as "Lighten-up, Feel Good and Thrive"!

This type of technology (infrared devices) is approved by the FDA under classification (IRT) 890.5740 or other 510k listings for increasing circulation which reduces and/or eliminates inflammation which in turn reduces or eliminates pain. Once you understand that almost all disease and physical ailments are related to poor circulation and complications that arise from inflammation the potentials offered by this technology begin to dawn on you.

Please Note: Élan Energetics Light Energy systems and equipment do NOT yet have specific FDA product clearance or approval at this time.

Perhaps even more importantly, stress is now being considered an underlying factor in a very high percentage of all illness, ranging from 70-90% depending upon whose statistics you are using.

Regular use of an Élan Eneregtics Genesis Light Energy system is a very powerful means for de-stressing your body, mind and emotions. There are numerous means by which this occurs in human and animal physiology as a result of irradiation with specific wavelengths of light photon energy.

The two most well-known mechanisms for this are the stimulation of acetylcholine and nitric oxide which are both neurotransmitters that regulate the autonomic nervous system (ANS). If we are chronically stressed the ANS is out of balance. Nitric oxide and acetylcholine are two of the body's primary means for regulating and balancing the ANS.

Illness and disease results in an imbalanced ANS. Therefore de-stressing our body, mind and emotions and helping our body to balance it's autonomic nervous system can support our body in rejuventation, repair, healing and maintaining a state of health and wellbeing.

Simply relaxing each day while being irradiated with light photon energy is a very easy and fun way to support our body in achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellbeing too!

Having a balanced phyiology is also a pre-requisite for any personal growth, development and consciousness work you may be involved with. The two go hand in hand. My motto is "Lighten-up, Feel Good and Thrive!"

There are also financing options, business opportunities, and a way of obtaining your Élan Energetics Genesis light energy system without any out of pocket cost! Contact me for more information!

DISCLAIMER: The Élan Energetics Genesis Generation system is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent disease. If you have a disease or medical condition consult with your physician or health practitioner before using the Élan Energetics Genesis Generation system. Use only as directed by a qualified and licensed health care professional. Uses for medical indications contrary to the FDA's clearance and approval for infrared devices of this type are unauthorized and render the warranty null and void. Individual results may vary widely.