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Kauai Herbals

Botanical Hydrosols from Kauai Herbals are created through steam-distillation they are derived with pure spring water and an amazing anthology of fruits and flora grown from Kauai’s unique tropical environment. Gentle yet potent herbal formulations. With no synthetic preservatives, harsh chemicals or alcohol. First conceptualized in 2001 our products have been evolving ever since. The vision is clear, utilize the abundance of nature. Use the herbs, trees, fruits and flowers that are literally begging to contribute their benefits for both people and the environment.

I (Maia) use THIS PRODUCT and find it highly effective for easing muscle and tendon discomfort and pain. I have tried many natural products to help my  chronic aching body over the years and this is one of the best! I personally know the distiller, Shanon Mason and she is a true alchemist, tramping through the jungle on this island (where we both live) and listening to the plants speak to her their medicinal properties.

You might enjoy watching Shanon's video and also reading her Blog.