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21 REASONS To Drink Ningxia Red Juice!

1. The Ningxia Wolfberry provides ample antioxidants to strengthen the immune system. Antioxidants permeate cell walls and attack free radicals before they damage the DNA of the cell nucleus.

2. Antioxidants of this berry fight arteriosclerosis and artherosclerosis – aiding the circulatory system – including the heart.

3. The Ningxia Wolfberry is powerful in helping the liver function properly. The liver is one of the most vital organs in the body – it’s our cleansing machine.

4. Helps the eyes, cataracts, glaucoma, and visual acuity. This berry contains a complete array of antioxidant carotenoids including beta-carotene and zeaxanthin. In fact, the Ningxia Wolfberry has the highest source of carotenoids in all known foods. Beta-carotene is best known as a nutrient for the retina.

5. Cancer Help. The main constituent of the wolfberry is Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharide (LBP), and according to studies in China, LBP helps cancer patients rebuild their white blood cell count, enhancing phagocytes and the activity of natural killer cells, which bind to cancerous cells, as well as improving major classes of T-cells. “increase the antibody reaction to the T-cell antigen”.

6. More Cancer Help. Acetone extract from the Ningxia Wolfberry inhibits gene mutation. Some scientists say the fruit is a good supplement to prevent liver cancer. Also, studies show objective regression of cancer in patients with malignant melanoma, renal cell carcinoma, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, and others. Results also indicated LBP may be used as an adjuvant in the biotherapy of cancer.

7. Minerals & vitamins act as enzymes and co-factors in the digestion process.

8. Studies on seniors in China produced amazing results (many people liver beyond 100 years of age in wolfberry growing areas). Increases in Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) and hemoglobin were found in serum in all participants. In other words wolfberry “may help slow the aging process”.

9. Protects against the free radical attack on the mitochondrial DNA – our energy furnaces inside each cell. Antioxidants fight against mitochondrial destabilation.

10. Helps lower blood sugar and in many tests at least stabilizes blood sugar.

11. It is important that cell walls maintain their malle-ability for nutrients to cross this membrane. The free radical scavengers found in the Ningxia Wolfberry strengthen the cell wall and support efficient transport of flavonoid nutrients into the cell and waste products out of the cell.
12. Strengthens the brains neuro-transmitters against pervasive free radical activity, thus fighting against dementia and other forms of memory loss.

13. Promotes a sense of well-being, and has had noticeable results in tests, which reduces stress and anxiety. The tissues of the body (including the brain) are assisted in avoiding oxidative stress.

14. Has a B-vitamin complex essential to the body. In addition, these vitamins are vital for converting food to energy.

15. Cells need to communicate, esp. those in the brain and nervous system. The synaptic responses are protected & fortified by the same polyphenols (flavonoids) that this berry uses to protect itself.

16. Provides powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial action because it contains solvetivone (an amino acid). Properties in the food fight viruses – it’s anti-viral.

17. Reduces pain caused by inflammation because the berry contains Beta-Sitosteral, a remarkable anti-inflammatory.

18. The Ningxia Wolfberry is high in protein (more than whole wheat), an essential cellular building block.

19. The Ningxia Wolfberry, unlike most berries, contains natural Vitamin E – a restorative antioxidant with too many health benefits to list here.

20. A healthier, romantic life. The wolfberry increases overall health performance, including sexual responses. One herbalist wrote, “Wolfberry can make a young wolf out of an old man.”

21. This berry, dubbed “A complete body health motivator” has many unique polysaccharides, not found in any other plant on the planet.

Information Taken From: “21 Reasons To Drink Ningxia Red Juice”, by Health & Wealth, Inc. 2005. Sound Concepts.
What Makes Ningxia Red So Unique!
● Wolfberries, the miracle superfood, support multiple body systems and are an ultra-rich nutrient source.*
● Blueberries contain ultra-high levels of antioxidants.
● Pomegranates support cardiovascular health and are also rich in antioxidants.*
● Apricots are revered for supporting longevity.
● Raspberries contain ellagic acid, known to protect DNA.*
● Therapeutic-grade lemon and orange essential oils contain the antioxidant d-limonene.
From Sherrie L: I tried 1 ounce of Ningxa Red a day for four days. After that time I did not need to wear my reading glasses!! Yipee! I had been wearing glasses for about 2 years. I started with +1 then went to +2, then after the Ningxia Red +0. I still need to be in bright light to read, but I have only been taking the Ningxia Red for 3 months.
From Steve F. – I had gotten the flu and had all the symptoms. Body aches and pains. I had taken 2oz of Ningxia Red in water every 4 hours. Two capsules of Longevity and Omega Blue, Palo Santo, Thieves, Lavender on the bottoms of my feet. Also, I had taken several drops of Thieves internally. Within 24 hours the flu was gone! Thanks to Thieves and Ningxia Red!
From Vicki D. – My husband and I use one ounce of NingXia Red daily and feel great. When we feel a cold coming on, we up our dose to 2 ounces for a couple of days and don’t miss a step. Our 8th grade daughter had a sore throat and felt a cold coming on. She took one ounce of NingXia Red for 2 days and was totally better. It was cute to listen to her passing on the advice to her 6 brothers and sisters.
From Brent G. - I have a friend who wanted to try Ningxia Red (which rates 363 on the super ORAC scale) to see if it would help him feel any better than he did while drinking his brand (which rates 1.2 on the super ORAC scale). He is diabetic and wants to maintain the health he still has so he drinks three one ounce ‘shots’ of Ningxia Red per day. When he ordered his second bottle I asked him if he noticed a difference and he said his Blood sugar level has been 12 – 15 points lower every morning since he switched to Ningxia Red.
From Suzi M.- When I first started using Young Living, I only tried the Ningxia Red morning and evening. That’s all. My Diabetes is almost normal, and my cholesterol dropped 39 points, my doctor says to let her know more when it drops another 60 points. Now I use more products and purchase more each month.
From Christina C. – Both my parents started drinking 1oz of Ningxia Red daily and taking the Master Formula His/Hers vitamins. My dad says he hadn’t slept more than 3-4 hours a night in about 20 years. Now he is sleeping 7-8 hours a night! He says it must be the Ningxia Red. Both of them feel like they have more energy also. Ningxia Red is Great!!
From Sandy F. – My Mom had suffered from pain for several years after some surgery. The doctors tried many medications, including an anti-seizure medication, to get rid of this stabbing pain. She started on 2 oz of NingXia Red a day. Ten days later, she told me, ‘I’ve been pain free for 5 days now!’ She went to her pain doctor. He said, ‘I don’t know why it works, but if it works, keep doing it.’ He weaned her off the pain medication and she continued to be pain free. AND she no longer suffered the blurred vision, the unsteadiness and the foggy mind that came from the prescription.



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