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Enhanced LED Light Energy Effects

The Élan Energetics Genesis Generation LED light photon energy system delivers primary wavelengths of light which research from organizations such as NASA has demonstrated to be very beneficial to the human body.

The primary wavelenghts of light being used are:

  • Near Infrared: 880nm
  • Red: 640nm
  • Blue: 430nm

Red and blue are primary colors in the human body. Blood is red as it leaves the heart in an oxygenated state, and it is bluish returning to the heart in an oxygen depleted state.

The human body also produces its own infrared emissions. This is what infrared cameras detect as heat in the human body. These cameras assist police and military personel to locate human beings hiding in the dark.

Our bodies are therefore very resonant with and receptive to these primary wavelengths of light.

Additionally, the Élan Energetics Genesis Generation LED light energy system uses a number of secondary frequencies to further support your body in achieving optimal balance, health and wellbeing.

These frequencies are offered as information to the body by pulsing the LED lights with them. LED lights reach full luminosity in one micro-second. This allows them to be pulsed up to 500,000 times per second, which is a .5 megahertz (.5 MHz) frequency. The frequencies Élan Energetics pulses its LED lights at are far lower than .5 MHz.

Here is a breakdown on the frequencies being used to pulse the Élan Energetics LED lights:

  • 7 Nogier Frequencies (73 Hz - 4,698 Hz)
  • 7 Solfeggio Frequencies (258 Hz - 852 Hz)
  • Schumann Frequencies (7.8 Hz - 11 Hz)

Because the human body is so receptive to the primary wavelengths of light being used (infrared, red, blue), it is possible to offer these additional frequencies to the cells of the human body by pulsing the LED photon energy emissions. The photons thus arrive at the cell's photon receptor sites in a pulsating fashion. We believe that many of the effects we experience with the Élan Energetics Genesis Generation light energy systems are because the cells can make use of these light pulsations as frequency information to find greater balance.

According to Dr. Nogier, the 7 Nogier frequencies mimick the cellular communication frequencies that the body normally uses. According to Dr. Nogier many times the cellular communication system breaks down and can get out of tune. By supplying this additional frequency information to the cells it is proposed that the cells can re-tune themselves to the frequencies they are meant to be using. This would result in cellular communications normalizing so cellular functions can move back towards a state of balance and health.

DISCLAIMER: The Élan Energetics Genesis Generation system is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent disease. If you have a disease or medical condition consult with your physician or health practitioner before using the Élan Energetics Genesis Generation system. Use only as directed by a qualified and licensed health care professional. Uses for medical indications contrary to the FDA's clearance and approval for infrared devices of this type are unauthorized and render the warranty null and void. Individual results may vary widely.