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Structured Water - Healing with Water Consciousness


Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being.~Rumi

Our bodies are about 72% water. It is the most basic of our physical composition. WATER and LIGHT....we are vessels of expanding BEING, and these two essentials are our merkabahs (vessels) through the Infinite.

Earth has gone through many stages, all of which are part of a divine orchestration of Light Intelligence coming from SOURCE. Water is liquid is the interface between the etheric and physical. It allows all living things to be inter-dimensional creatures.

Please join me in exploring the intelligence of water and how we receive conscious perception of ourselves and our universe through this incredible interface of liquid light!

You can read MY STORY on my life in general.

As for water, I am just beginning my journey with medical-grade Electrolyzed Reduced Water  - the hexagonal molecule (micro-cluster) true water of life that now can only be found naturally in remote regions of the world - such as within frozen glaciers - and then only just after being struck by lightning; and holy healing waters, like at Lourdes. Only at these places is the water naturally micro-clustered.

Having lived with chronic health problems my entire life, I have been blessed to discover one specific structured water that is even in this first stage, making a huge difference for me in re-vitalizing my body and mind. I have received that this water structure is allowing the natural light codes of the DNA to be conducted more authentically throughout my physical and energy systems. Already, it is elevating my quality of life!

My inner-planes sources have encouraged me to consume this water daily. My brain is literally floating  in liquid light now and the fog is lifting. Energy is returning and I can hardly wait to dive into the depths and make contact with the full presence of the life force that I AM!

printable document on the key points of medical-grade Electrolyzed Reduced Water

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A Short Water Video (really an eye-opener about various kinds of water: sodas, bottled water, tap, etc)

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