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Pranic Wand - My Story 

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For most of my life I have suffered from chronic illness: colitis and back problems. My condition became dramatically worse in 2004. Since then, I have been on a self-heal path to recovery, or at least to re-gain the quality of life I had previous to the year 2004.
My life's work has been a spiritual journey as a mystic, channel and artist. Yet as is often the case, I have been unable to heal myself.

I then acquired an Amega wand and began to use it. The constant pain and major discomfort in my colon from irritable bowel began to lessen almost immediately. Continuing to use this wand, I have very little real pain now and the discomfort is greatly reduced. Unfortunately I am unable to reach my back so I cannot really do much there. I know the colon problems are greatly influenced and maybe even initially caused by my scoliosis of the spine. If I could reach my back I really believe my discomforting symptoms would be even more dramatically diminished! I have learned that with pranic wands you must point it at the SOURCE of the pain to find relief.

Is the wand healing me? Well there are claims by many that it has healed them. For myself I can only say that once I began wanding I was more able to care for my own grocery shopping again and other things I could not do before.

As a result of my own experiences with the wand, I really wished to "spread the word" about it.  In fact, I wanted to sell pranic wands myself - to benefit others who struggle with pain and illness and also help support my spiritual work, which is of a univeral nature. However I do not wish to sell Amega wands. I don't want to enter into multi-level progams like Amega and I think that the price of over $300 per wand is too high for most people at this time.

It is said "out there" that only the Amega wands are genuine "zero point energy" wands and all the others are non-effective knock-offs. So I began to investigate this. I tried two wands from other sources than Amega. Each of these wands I obtained from separate places. I found them both to work as effectively (on me) as did the Amega! I have no doubt that there are fake wands out there, but the two I purchased were in my opinion, quite genuine. In fact I now use the one I am selling on this website instead of my Amega. They both are equally effective, but the Amega is heavier, thicker and the point is not as pronounced. I use the tip of the wand to press points in the body and the "other" wand I find to be far more effecient in that capacity than is the AMEGA.

I have not had any scientific tests conducted on the pranic wands I am selling here. I can only say that in my opinion they are pranic and they are  creating localized zero point energy fields. I will go a step further for those of you who believe in such things and say that my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa, whom I have channeled since 1977 reveals to me that this wand conducts a localized field of zero point energy. Now these statements of course are entirely subjective but I nonetheless offer them for your consideration.

Also of note, a friend of mine who is an MD practicing energy medicine in France has been successfully using on his patients the wand I am selling here.

I made this video for You Tube with an abbreviation of the text above...


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