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Techniques for Using your Pranic Wand

Techniques vary - I am presenting here what works for me...

Hold the point of the wand aproximately 1/2 inch above the body and spin it slowly in a clockwise motion over the area in pain or disease. Wand it this way for awhile and then lightly touch the skin as you create the spiral motions. Then raise it a bit off the skin and continue to wand clockwise. You may repeat this proceedure as long as you feel guided to do so.

Also use the wand as an acu-probe by lightly but firmly pressing on the area of your body in need of relief and healing at various points until you find the constricted nodes that are tender or sore. Then hold the tip of the wand in there while you rotate the upper part of the wand clockwise, causing the tip to turn upon the flesh in that acu-point position.

A combination of the above proceedures is the most effective.

You can also "wand" your food and stir liquids you drink or spay on your body with the wand in order to energize them.

For more techniques in applying the pranic wand see the pranic wand section of the New EarthStar Forum. Here you can post your own experiences with the wand and ask questions on the threads of previous posts. I will do my best to respond to all questions briefly.