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Wand & Pendant
differences and how they work together


(my insights)

BOTH operate on scalar energy.

The wand focuses energy in intense descrete units where it is pointed, creating a local zero point energy field - a micro field - in the area the wand is being pointed.

The pendant creates radial circulation of scalar field throughout the body, which has random "zero point" effects within it.

The wand is especially good for sending compact scalar energy in a colmnuar path into the area it is pointed toward. Thus, immediate and intense pain or discomfort can be allievated quickly provided you are point the wand to the actual source of the pain. It can be pressed into the affected and blocked nodes of the body.

The pendant's radial field penetrates all the cells and DNA in the body with a balancing power. It aligns and strengthens.

The wand cannot reach everything and the pendant cannot focus intense columnar energy. Together they can work as a team to keep the body balanced and in harmony.

Yet there is more to it than this...

 These tools can aid one not only in obtaining better physical balance and health but in opening meridians in the body and pathways in the DNA to allow greater conscious awareness of the spiritual Being.